Fashionable lunchbags OR How to convert a bag into a lunch bag?

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  1. If you've ever seen some really cute lunchboxes/bags, show them! I'm searching for one right now, that's not kiddy or dumpy, but still pretty and cute. If I didn't find one that I liked, I was thinking that I could take a bag and try to use it as a lunchbag. ( Like a longchamp or a Cath Kidston) I don't know how I could insulate it though. Can anyone help me?
  2. I just use almost any of my regular purses as a lunch bag, sometimes with other stuff and sometimes alone. I just make sure that the lunch is in a quality tightly sealed container which is also in a Ziploc bag. The utensils and sides are also in Ziploc bags. I frequently reuse the Ziploc bags after washing them to prevent waste.
  3. The tiny Herve Chapeliers are cute for lunch bags, too.
  4. I use a small Le Pliage for my lunchbag. It's nice and easy to wipe down in case anything spills inside :smile:

  5. a Longchamp is a great lunchbag!
  6. Agreed! It may not be insulated but it's so easy to clean up! I've spilled tons of sauces and dressings in there and all I had to do was turn it inside out and wipe it down with a wet paper towel! It's great cuz it's water resistant granted you don't let whatever spillage sit and soak in there for long!
  7. I have a Built lunchbag already. It fits everything, but it's not very trendy. Are the Dooney and Bourke/Coach Lunch Bags actually meant to hold lunch?
  8. I use nylon Le Pliage bags to carry lunch and other food items. No smelly foods in my leather bags ever! :nogood:
  9. ^ I never thought of a small le pliage could be used as a lunch bag! Cool idea!

    These are my 3 lunch bags
  10. I second the small Herve Chapelier totes. They have square bottoms.
  11. I have a soft sided insulated lunch bag and I just insert it in a nice tote for a stylish lunch bag.
  12. The pink bag on the left is cute! Where did you get it from? :smile: