Fashionable, functional crossbody for family vacation


Jan 6, 2010
I am looking for an inexpensive but fashionable crossbody for our upcoming vacation (Disney, Legoland, the beach). I am not looking for designer but looking for something that looks nice but will still be very functional. My current carry one bag is a Sherpani. I also have a REI crossbody that I have used on Disney trips before but it looks so bulky in pix.... I picked up a cute lesportsac kasey in daisy duo print that seems perfect but the print would clash with a lot of my clothing. Should I get one in a more neutral print like black or gray?? I know bagalinnis and vera bradley hipsters are popular on the disboards. The bagallini is similar to my rei bag and I think I would rather have a lesportsac over a BV hipster. I would really like to stay under 50.00. I also considered the dooney and bourke 3 zipper crossbody but despite very positive reviews, it appears to be too small and not waterproof. Any suggestions???


Jan 15, 2006
I got a cute one at the nine west outlet for about $20 a few weeks ago:


There is an internal zip and a front pocket. It fit a small wristlet, small wallet, cell phone, my huge keys and a few other miscellaneous items. Definitely worth a visit to nine west.

There were a few colors, and this was a champagne grey.


Feb 16, 2009
It seems like you want/need something waterproof, but I'd like to point out that vinyl/pvc or something waterproof is likely to feel hot against your body.

TJMaxx or Marshalls might have what you're looking for. They usually have a good selection of cross-bodies in the price range you indicated.


Chanel & LV
Jul 8, 2006
chavezslp I have a LeSportsac Kasey in the Rockstar Mini sequin and I just love it- the Kasey is a great shape and holds quite a lot for a little bag. Have you considered a Kasey in the pearl lightning color? I've seen it in person at Macy's and it's a really gorgeous neutral taupe/beige color with a hint of shine.


Jan 18, 2011
Baggallini has a lot of different styles! I got one for my Disney trip last year and it worked great. They come in great colors - mine was olive with orange stitching. I think they are made of nylon so they're lightweight - have lots of pockets, very functional and I think they are cute, too.
Oct 2, 2008
LeSportSac or Kipling would be my recommendations. For travelling, nothing beats them in terms of lightness and durability. Especially if you're going to a place like a beach where you expect to get wet a bit, it's better if you skip leather bags.