Fashionable February 2020 Purchases!

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  1. Post your Fashionable February purchases here! :flowers:
  2. This is my birthday month. I hope to have my very first LV purchase. I'll have 29 days to make it happen since it's leap year.
  3. My birthday month too! I hope you find something you love & cant wait to see!
  4. Thanks! I hope you do too.
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  5. Happy Birthday February celebrants!

    I just ordered my first ever LV and look forward to posting it here when it arrives. Can't wait to see everyone's beauties! :smile:
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  6. Cant wait to see all these goodies,......happy birthday to all celebrating their birthday month!
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  7. Happy birthday to you all celebrating this month. I am excited to see your purchases.
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  8. Another February birthday here too! Looking forward to celebrating with all of my LV lovers!!
  9. Aww happy birthday tpf'ers! Cant wait to see everyone's purchase!
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  10. So saw this cutie and I couldn't resist. I goes with my multicartes perfectly. This is the Mini Dauphine. So excited to have this in my collection. I added the chain from my Multi Pochette Accessories bag, as the mini doesn't come with a chain like the MM size does. It holds a good amount to boot! IMG_0852.jpeg IMG_0855.jpeg
  11. This is such a lovely set! So so pretty. Hope you enjoy it :smile:
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  12. This beautiful cobalt piece is finally mine (after much stalking and a bit of lucky timing of a store visit ) :smile:.

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  13. This is such a gorgeous and functional piece! Enjoy it! I have the jaune one, and it’s become my most used wallet.
  14. Thanks :smile:. The jaune one is also pretty. I love all the card slots and that one big outer slip pocket.