Fashionable but COMFY shoes for teachers?

  1. I begin my field work for student teaching (highschool, spanish) on Tuesday. What shoes are fashionable yet comfy for teachers???
  2. The Santa Barbra from LV seems to be the bomb this spring. Get them and bedazzle the students. ;)
  3. French Soles, they are flats so even if you stand for a whole day, they are still gonna be comfy and cute!! I reckon they go with everything.
  4. Anyone pictures/links would be great - I don't really know shoes... and nothing designer - affordable only - $100.00 price range.
  5. Ballet flats by London Sole They are the same as French Sole and they go for slightly over 100 depending on style. You might wanna try out some of their flats on sale which looks super cute. Hope that helps !! :smile:
  6. Go for the spanish brand CAMPER. They are extremely cute and all leather and they are comfy..My Favourites are twins-alike but not the same...
  7. Dear Livin...

    My sister is a 3rd grade teacher and quite the shoe hound. As you know, teachers don't make a ton of money, but her husband does, so she can afford as many shoes costing as much as she would like. Nonetheless, she said she has her "school" shoes and her "not in school" shoes

  8. I completely agree, when i was teaching those monsters....oops, i mean, my students (also high school) :p , my campers were super comfy and didn't hurt my feet!! They come in some great styles too!!

    G'luck with your new teaching position!!
  9. These are the shoes I wear for my "everyday" shoes here at work. They are Carrie pumps from Guess. I am not a teacher but I do work at a Customer Service counter so I am on my feet most of the day. I find these to be the most fashionable and comfy pumps I've found so far. if you read the reviews you'll see most other girls who have them think the same thing. Hope this helps...

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    Besides 106 girls can't all be wrong, right?
  10. my mom's a teacher and swears by danskin, not super super cute but not horrible either, she says that she can stand all day in them without any pain!
  11. Danskin? Do you mean the ballet slipper, or do they make street shoes now?
  12. Try Nine West. Or Cole Haan with Nike Air technology.