fashion_junky's collection!

  1. Here is my bag collection! The last pic is of my newest additions :P

    bag collection1.jpg
    bag collection2.jpg
    bag collection3.jpg
    bag collection4.jpg
    bag collection5.jpg
    bag collection6.jpg
  2. Lovely collection. I just love your b-bags!!!
  3. I love all your Balenciagas! Lovely colors :biggrin:
  4. Wonderful collection :love: I love the cherry blossom coin wallet and the MC mini speedy!
  5. Gorgeous collection, fashion! Your Balenciaga bags are beautiful, so is your new Reade! :love:
  6. Beautiful collection. Love the color of your vernis :smile:
  7. Lovely cheerful colours. Cute collection
  8. Gorgeous collection! I love the purple Balenciaga!
  9. Fashion who makes that pretty pink bag and wallet? :love: Beautiful collection, I can tell you like pastels! :idea:
  10. You have a beautiful collection! Love all the colors!
  11. Cute collection:love:
  12. pretty colors!
  13. Wow some new people here are really immature. Can someone delete these rude posts?
  14. Wow, love your purses! I especially love the b-bags in the candy colors, I love pastels too! :love:
  15. Beautiful collections.

    What's with the wanted sign? Am I missing something? [​IMG]