Fashion Writer Wants to Hear Your Stories

  1. Hello, I am am working on a piece about luxury handbags and the women who collect them. I’m new on this forum (in fact, this is the one and only time I have been on any forum) and have been truly enjoying myself! I adore handbags, and you have all been so kind and welcoming, I would really love to hear some of your stories! You can just PM me if you like, and I will provide you with an email address you can send them. I will keep your information anonymous. I am very interested in hearing about what you collect, why you collect, if your friends also collect, your age, occupation...that kind of thing …even though most of that information is available on some of the threads, perhaps you have a story tying it all together? I would really love to hear it! Also, I would really like to hear about wat would you like to see that is not already on the market. Let's let the fashion world know what the consumer really wants:yes:
  2. I read something about luxury handbags a couple of months ago on WSJ Europe and it was quite interesting.

    Are you writing for a magazine or newspaper? Local / national / international?
  3. The piece is for a new launch of an international entertainment magazine due out in June.