Fashion Winter Coats

  1. what kind of coats will be the it!!! coat of this winter and what coat will you be wearing long trench jackets suede leather ect
  2. I'm all over the place with coats - leather, wool, suede, etc. My favorite is a 3/4 length which is great over a sweater and slacks:


    I also love pea coats and already posted raves about this one:

    I also love the close-fitting leather jackets too:
  3. very nice i like the first 2 alot the first on my favorite looks very warm
  4. I have just gotten two new coats for the fall and winter: a black classic Burberry belted trench coat (and matching novacheck scarf, thank you Selena), and a dark brown double-breasted wool belted overcoat by BCBG, which is currently at the tailor's.

    Aside from that, I have a puffy white jacket from last year, and a yellow leather trench from a few years ago that I don't really like as much. I'll probably wear either the Burberry or the BCBG, unless it's too warm (I live in SF) and in that case I'll wear one of my light jackets.
  5. ITA, the 3/4 length is great b/c I mostly wear slacks and jeans to work. I have about 3 or 4 in various lapel styles, mostly in dark olive green, burgundy or black and white tweed. I'd love the style in that first pic even more if it was a little darker! In the winter it's perfect with a long scarf wrapped around the neck a few times.
  6. I just bought a Miss Sixty coat (black, but it also comes in purple for those who are more adventurous) last month. This one is unique because of the collar, which gave it a more streetwear/youthful look. I also have a Trink Turk princess cut coat (mauve/pink) and a MaxMara coat in gray that are more classic.
  7. I love coats and have quite a few...and hopefully am going to try not to buy any this year! I mostly have casual, but do have a long black wool, I have several leather (pale pink, black, cognac, black blazer); a couple of suede (long dark brown, lighter tan short one); brown shearling hip length from Cole Haan; Black shearling from BR; faux persian brown from J Jill last year (very cool); faux leopard print fur; burgundy Max Mara down; brown quilted short Burberry with fur trimmed hood; (gosh I think I'll stop there lol!) Hence the need for NO new coats this year!! Eeek.....
  8. I'm with you, shoes319! I've got a ton of nice coats already. For slightly cool weather, I've got a vintage python jacket, a red and white 80's Alaia jacket (for when I'm feeling bubbly), and a faux leopard fur vest from the 70's. For casual cold weather coats, I've got a leather jacket with a fox fur collar from Saks, a 60's tweed jacket with fox collar/trim (tuxedo style, for those of you who know vintage terms), and an 80's white rabbit coat from Saks. For maybe more formal (or maybe just absolutely freezing!) cold weather coats, I have a full length mink coat from the 40's and (and this one people usually say "ewww!" at but I have no problem with it) a 20's monkey fur coat. However, I'm greedily eying these two Armani Collezioni jackets (first one is cowhid with the hair still on it (called "ponyskin") and the second is a crocodile printed leather jacket; obiously one, the other, or more likely neither!)
  9. But my point is that I think that exotic leathers and very different furs will become more popular.
  10. Pursegrrl, those coats are exactly my style!! I think what Pursegrrl posted will be the "it" styles of coats this year as opposed to fur. I never see alot of people wearing fur coats, maybe like 2 a year, so they aren't very popular. I think with this whole 80s comeback, short leather coats will probably be popular.
  11. Yeah, I was probably just thinking of myself when I thought of furs. But I've seen a lot of exotic prints (in vests, coats, jackets, silk scarves, handbags) so I'm stickin' to my guns! And it also depends on where you live because if you live in someplace that's famous for animal activism (like London) or just general activism (like Seatle, from the little I know of it) of course you won't see fur, but in December here in Chicago, it's everywhere in the Gold Coast (Michigan Avenue/main shopping/expensive penthouses area).
  12. i bought a new mackage coat for winter, love it! i bought one last year too and was always getting stopped on the street asking where i bought it. they are very flattering and have great leather detailing. this is the one i bought for this year.

  13. I found this one at Bebe I really like. It's a wool trench with a rabbit fur collar. It's $259

  14. I think I will buy these 2...
    0041.JPG 6hh1034805_405_n001_01.jpg
  15. When I was younger, I used to live very close to Chicago, and I would go there all the time, especially for Christmas shopping. I never really saw any fur coats, I guess we were looking in different places.;) Now that you mention it, I have been seeing alot of exotic prints, especially leopard print, but I am not a big fan of those type of prints. I love the peacoats and the trench coats for winter.