Fashion Week: What Would You Buy?

  1. The Wall Street Journal has a poll right on nine different outfits. The poll is a love it leave it poll. Not sure if I can do that here but here are the outfits:

    Fall 2007: What Would You Buy?

    After more than 100 fashion shows and thousands of outfits – and counting – New York Fashion Week is drawing to a close. The Fall 2007 trends ranged from designer Thom Browne's over-the-knee socks for men to sophisticated skirts and dresses from Marc Jacobs to dramatic shapes in the form of cocoon dresses and coats from Nanette Lepore and Proenza Schouler. Now it's up to the trend spotters for department stores and boutiques to decide what will make it from the runways and into the stores. (Note: the Vionnet dress is from the Spring 2007 collection.)

    In order: 1-Alice Roi, 2-Carlina Herrera, 3-Diane von Fursteberg, 4-Marc Jacobs, 5-Matthew Williamson. 6-Michael Kors, 7-Proenza Schouler, 8-Vionnet


  2. And lastly 9-Thomas Brown:
  3. I read that this morning. Thanks for posting this.
  4. Did you see the Thomas Browne show they had on the "heard on the runway" blog? Wild and Weird.
  5. I adore 4, 5, and 7 myself. Lovely!
  6. i LOVE the print in #3. I would definitely wear the dress, but I'm not bold enough to wear the jacket!
  7. Definitely the bag in #4 and everything in 3,5,6.
  8. 4,5,6,7 they are so chic
  9. What I can tell you for sure is that Vlad would NEVER wear #9 :amuse:

    I love love love love loveee the hat and coat on 7!
  10. :yes:
    #3 I love Diane vonFurstenberg!!!
  11. I LOVE the gold dress by Michael Kors and the red skirt outfit by Marc Jacobs.
  12. ^LOL If you think that outfit is wild I should post a few pics of his show. Definitely out there!
  13. Love the Vionnet!

    I guess the closest outfit that I would actually wear head to toe is the Michael Kors....
  14. I'd wear 3,4,7,8
  15. I love 7!