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    Hi everyone!
    I just joined the site a few minutes ago--excited to see all the interesting discussion going on! yum!
    anyway, I'm a young photographer from LA.
    and I'm always looking for stylists to do tests with. let me know if interested. here's some of my work.
    no links/advertising allowed

    I'll be in Orlando the weekend of Oct. 6th. Hoping to contact some model agencies there and shoot something while i'm there. so let me know if you're interested in doing that too.
  2. Wow, great pictures!!

    Welcome to tPF btw!!
  3. Great work! Welcome to tpf! My dream job is a stylist but i am an engineer:crybaby: ...
  4. Wow!!!!! Welcome to the purse blog! You will love it here.
  5. Amazing photos...welcome!
  6. Hi and Welcome, Cherry!

    Beautiful photos! :biggrin:

    I've always wondered about becoming a stylist; I currently run a fashion conscious fine jewellery retail company.