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  1. Hiyas .... anyone member of the fashion spot? i was googeling something today and it came up- thiers is verys imilar to ours.. although not as easy on the eye.

    Just wondering what was the deal with them.. anyone know
  2. Hi BabyBoo, TFS (The Fashion Spot) has some excellent forums, one of them being about handbags :biggrin: One of their mods, Luna, posts here, and a number of posters here also post there.
  3. can you send me url?
  4. Hmm it is very disorganized. But thanks.
  5. thanks a lot ::::smile: you're great
  6. I am a member. Actually more of a lurker as I have never posted.
  7. That forum is ok, this forum is waaay better.
  8. hehe. you're right :::::smile:
  9. I visit periodically, but feel more like a number there. It's SOOO busy and there's so many members. If you don't post a lot it's hard to get to know people IMO.
  10. yeah, i've given up tfs for now and post here. but tfs is good b/c it discusses more than just bags. but you will get in trouble ifyou do not credit your pics and you'll get in trouble for creating a new post if there is already one like it (even if it's 100 pages long and 2 years old)

    that makes tfs lame to me.
  11. TFS was very welcoming to us when we started our blog. They have been around forever, have tons of members. The only thing that I don't like about their forums is that they restrict discussions to certain threads, then merge new ones with the old ones - which results in threads with 200+ pages. A real pain to go through all of it before you find the information you seek.
  12. I lurked on TFS for months - it has some great, very knowledgeable posters (the funniest being Drive, her posts are absolutely hilarious). Because there are so many forums there, I guess they have to cut down on duplicate threads.
  13. Let's focus more on our own board than to discuss another, shall we? :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.