Fashion Show Video of upcoming items!!!

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    OMG, so while delving through pages and pages of googled links...I found this lovely GEM!

    I haven't even made it through the entire video and I had to post this!!! It features shoes, sunglasses, scarfs, jewelry AND purses (great visual aid...looks like the Parker line items)!!! 10 minutes of viewing pleasure!!! Sorry...really excited now for the next few months.;jsessionid=04CEF4F21D37F25E46358B067E09EEB7.01

    EDIT: Okay about 7 minutes of viewing pleasure and an interview (i didn't have my sound on so I don't know what they're saying)...but basically parker and bonnie lines were showcased (nothing that we haven't seen before, but VERY useful in finding out shapes and relative sizes).
  2. Very nice! thanks!
  3. Great link! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for posting that! It was fun to watch. :smile:
  5. THANK YOU! I'm trying to watch it, but it keeps freezing.
  6. WOW...what a great video...I just watched it! I love some of the new colors and can't wait to see them in person!
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    I'm still waiting on it. A little 'circle', of sorts, keeps spinning.
  8. :shrugs: :cursing: :confused1: :rant:
    :thinking:-- maybe there's too many people trying to watch it at one!
  9. Fun! Thanks for posting the video!
  10. That was so fun to see and I really like some of the bags!
  11. What a great video, thanks for posting link
  12. Thanks for the post!

    Am I the only one that wished that the camera person would've focused a lot more on the bags versus the shoes?:shrugs: I kept talking to my computer screen "hey, stop moving around! I want to see the BAG!!!!!":P
  13. Ha me too NorthStar! I kept trying to scroll to see the bags instead of the shoes, forgetting that it was the camera and not my screen.

    I love the style of those peep toes, and I am LOVING the Parker satchel and hobo. :drool:

    Thanks for posting!
  14. Thanks for the great link! They were really focusing more on the shoes and the models I think...I went to full screen and kept pausing it when the bags came up...LOL..worked great!
  15. Thanks for posting this link. I enjoyed the video.
    The colors look great for Spring.