Fashion Show bags - what happens to them?

  1. Does anybody know what happens to the bags that were used during the fashion shows and are they somehow marked?

    I'm kinda in the middle of something regarding a bag that supposedly comes from a fashion show.

    Everything is dead on (hardware, craftsmanship), except the heat stamp is kinda "sloppy" and where the date code should be there's a "P" in a circle?

    If anybody has any info concerning that, any help would be highly appreciated! :flowers:
  2. hi

    yes the P in a circle denotes prototype, which could well mean the piece is from a fashion show. I have had a few of these in the past
  3. wow how exciting!!! How do you get hold of something like that? I always thought the models took them! x
  4. wow, that's exciting news :nuts: if you had some of them, was ever any problem with the heat stamp? the one on my bag is kinda "blotchy" (it's printed on croc leather) ... do you think they save the total quality control for mass production? :shrugs:
  5. I met someone who is getting rid of stuff of his Ex (messy break-up I guess :sweatdrop:) and that bag is one of them .... all shall be revealed soon if I'm 100% sure its real
  6. I remember Karen Kooper had a groom rond with a P on the inside, apparently when I went to view the s/s bags a few weeks before the party I just went to, they were all prototype bags, like actual bags from the runway and the ACTAUL bags will/may look different compared to the Prototype... thats what an SA said to me but... idk
  7. sorry to differ but i believe the "P" stamp denotes the bag as a Press gift. these are not the very same ones that appear in the runway, but are produced in time for the runway shows to give to magazine editors so they have something to talk and think about before the actual season these bags are officially released commence. sort of like a taste of what's to come.
  8. They ship them off to me:nuts:

    I wish! it is kind of both of what the two Geniuses said^

  9. yes you are correct that the ones with P circle are also given as press gifts but i have had both press gift and prototype both have P in a circle
  10. yeah I remember karen's listing I think it was the groom rond, on that one p in cicle represented press piece
  11. SOmetimes they also change the material from the runway to the production. I think that happened to miroir.
  12. I purchased a pair of LV shoes from Karen and they had a "P" stamp as well. I also thought it stands for "press" ("prototype" wouldn't make any sense in my case - they were mass produced shoes!).
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    John would know!!:yes:
  14. love this thread :smile: a bump for anymore info lol
  15. :yes: :yes:
    That's what my cerise lizard pouchette has, it is from the press release.