Fashion schools in CA...your thoughts??

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  1. Hi, All.

    Thinking about going to fashion school and these two are on my list:

    1) Art Institutes College Of Design
    2) FIDM

    I'm intersted in getting an AA/certificate in Fashion Merchandising/Marketing.

    Has anyone attended these schools? I'd love hear your thoughts.

    TIA :heart:
  2. What city are these in? SF or LA?

    I applied to FIDM, and got turned off by the recruiter. He was marketing way too hard! I hate that... it made me feel as if they were desperate for students, and if that's the case, why??

    I'm considering taking some intro classes for fashion design at Otis... just to get my feet wet and see if there's anyone there who could advise where to go next.
  3. LA. I've already visited with the Art Institutes College of Design and I have an appointment with FIDM in a couple days. I hear what you're sayin' about the recruiter. The schools reputation and cirriculum should speak for itself.

    I always like to get outside feedback ya know. I haven't heard of otis. But I'm going to go and google it right now.
  4. Also wanted to mention how shocked I was to find how expensive fashion schools are. Both schools were around $50K for an associates degree. I was amazed.
  5. Wow, I didn't know it was that much to attend. I have a friend who graduated from FIDM and she loved it, she spoke very highly of it.
    Good luck!
  6. We visited Otis but it was too close to the airport. The teachers were very nice and there was a nice vibe in the buildings.
  7. for fashion, you have two major choices. FIDM or OTIS. There have been numerous articles in the LA times, OC Weekly, OC Register, and other newspapers & magazines about the two battling it out, for which one has more "Fashion" related classes, careers, successful graduates, etc etc.

    Typically, people that go to FIDM and graduate are pretty successful in their own right. A handful of my HS friends went there and now they're doing very well.. doing makeup & hair for Ford Modeling Agency and other big names. One of my exes goes to FIDM and he made it on the cover shoot for a magazine article of "OTIS vs. FIDM" (man he looked good too! *drool* at that moment i forgot why we split. lol) and has done numerous fashion shows for LA fashion week and whatnot.

    One of my best friends goes to FIDM right now and she has bout a year or so left and she'll be done. Grueling work and lots of all-nighters, but it's totally worth it in the end.. everything she does looks freaking amazing - even though she says it isn't.. we artists are always so self-critical. lol.

    I know tuition is killer.. especially since it's a private school. Private fashion is expensive as it is.. then you have to buy all sorts of supplies/etc. I think FIDM you get everything (mostly) in a supply package at orientation.

    I went to the Arts Institute of OC, and studied interior design.. i dropped after a year and half, but even then my tuition was still expensive. It's in the near 18k for my 1.5 years there.. which would've equated to about 40k for the AA.
  8. i went to FIDM and got my AA in Merchandise Marketing.. I really loved the environment at the LA campus and I feel like the connections they provide to the industry are great.
  9. Thank you everyone for your feedback, it's been very helpful!!! I just got back from visiting with FIDM and it looks like an awesome school. The advisor I meet with was not pushy at all and really give me some valuable information. Two big :tup::tup:. Also, because I have my Bachelors, I'd be able to get my degree in 1 year and tuition was around $30K.

    Frozen7313 I checked out OTIS and they didn't offer the program I was interested in, but thank you so much for the input.

    mrsjimmyh The aa you got is one that I'm considering along with maybe visual comm. How is their career services center? Do they get you a job right out of school?