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  1. I haven't seen the Damier Azure in person yet. Would you carry these in fall/winter or are they stricktly for spring/summer? Thoughts anyone?
  2. anytime ! its beautiful, you will love it Im sure :smile:
  3. Is it a blue (like denim) or more of a gray or slate color?
  4. I will only carry mine in spring/summer, but that's because I have other bags to carry in the fall/winter that I love.
  5. No matter what you can carry it year round. However, if you live in a place where the weather is very mild (think socal) where its sunny practically 360 days of the year, I think it would make as great of winter/fall bag as a summer/spring bag! =)
  6. I carry any bag whenever I want! I don't care if it is the RIGHT season, or even if it MATCHES what I am wearing! I don't care what people think of me (that is good and bad!) WEAR it all year long! When you pay that much for a bag USE IT! ;)
  7. just wear it anytime you want. it shouldn't matter what others think.
  8. Living in Los Angeles where the weather is pretty much the same year round I wear all my bags year round.
  9. I live in the south, so I am lucky that I can still carry Damier Azur. Our winters are not winters at all, so that's probably why I feel comfy doing that. If I still lived up north, I would probably be more hesitant carrying it in the cold and snow.
  10. It is more of a slate-grey color. I, too, wear any bag I want anytime! It totally depends on what I am wearing. Even tho I live in LA now, I still did this when I lived in Vancouver...hafta agree w/ dell - if u spend that much $$ on bag, u might as well use it....=)
  11. The only reason I wouldn't wear it in winter would be due to the vachetta other than that it's all year IMO
  12. I would say that the azur is for all year round.
  13. I would wear it all year around..great bag:heart:
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