Fashion Question

  1. I am a size 2 dress.
    Saw a great sundress I love
    does not appear I can wear a bra
    but I am D Cup.

    Is it ok to go without a bra?
    Any Suggestions?
  2. The dress looks like this on top
  3. If your boobies are high and perky than i dont see why not.

    I'm a D but i would def need to wear a bra. My boobs are so heavy and i could not getaway with not wearing one!
  4. Thanks!

    I am small and boobs so heavy I have never not worn a bra. The last time I was able to wear a shirt or dress
    without one had to be Grade School:yes:
  5. I am large breasted too. If you cannot wear a bra I would pass. You also didn't say what the neckline was - you make be able to find a bra that will work. I have found bras at Nordstrom for larger cup sizes that could pull off most tops.

    If it has spagetti straps I would pass. If it has spagetti straps they make your chest and shoulder look bigger with a large chest.

    There are some good bras that should be supportive for you for necklines like halter.
  6. I'm a D cup and I would never go without a bra, sorry I think this is a pass...
  7. I hate having small body size and bigger breasts! Sometimes I have to go one size higher just so I can fit the bra in. Have you tried this option? But if the dress looks too big, I would say pass.