Fashion question for important evening

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  1. I have a cocktail party tomorrow night with lots of stylish, well-dressed people. I will be wearing a black shift dress (new cashmere one that'I think is quite lovely), black shoes, pearls. The question is...if my gold birkin arrives today, do you think I can wear it tomorrow with that outfit? :confused1:

    Or do I need to stick with a black bag? I would typically wear a black bag with black outfit, but I've been waiting and waiting for my gold B and I'll be dying to carry it when it arrives.

    What do you think? By the way, I know a 35 birkin's a bit big for a cocktail party, but I'll be going from work, and it's not a super formal cocktail party, but I want to look well dressed ...
  2. A gold bag would pop, but in a 35 Birkin...I'm afraid it might not look right. If you wear it, I would button it all up as I think letting go floopy would look sloppy. If you try a Hermes scarf and some bangles, I think (for some reason I can't explain) it might work. It would relax the look of the black dress and be less formal. A dressier look would be just the dress and pearls.

    Now that I have waffled and confused you:P
  3. Birkins, especially 35 cm, tend to look too work-like. I think it might be a bit odd with the black dress in a cocktail setting. The only Birkins I would wear to semi-formal occasions would be 25 cm exotic (shiny croc or lizard) in jewel tones.
  4. I fear you're both right...too big and casual for a cocktail party. If only I had a black box kelly!
  5. Tie a pochette on it and it would dress it up.
  6. I think you can pull it off by wearing a really really nice suit w/dressy top. Add some pearls or a little scarf. Something that after you come in and parade around with the bag because you are rushing from the office after an important something you can lose the jacket. Congrats on the bag BTW. I'd want to show it off too!:yahoo:
  7. This does not sound right to me. Wear a black bag.
  8. I do like the idea of putting bangles, etc on there to make it a little less classic if you are doing the 35cm
  9. I say go for it. Strap up your 35 and enjoy her!
  10. I'd stick to a smaller bag if you have a choice. If you don't, I agree, close her up and put a scarf on her...have a great time!!!!!
  11. Audrey, I think the girls have settled it. Take a smaller black bag and put it inside the gold Birkin which you will be wearing in the closed, locked and buttoned up positon. You will wear bangles and a scarf on you or the Birkin. After you show off your Birkin, you can pull out your smaller black bag and place the Birkin somewhere safe. Does that cover the waterfront?;)
  12. I tend to think of a 35 as a more casual/day bag....
    but I agree that if it's closed up w/ a scarf or pochette, that would dress it up.
    Have fun!
  13. I think a 35 cm Birkin will be way to big, do you have a clutch you could take?
  14. also if you are tall and wear 4 inch heels that might work...

    I had a cocktail event at hermes and took my 35cm red birkin.
  15. I say take it!

    If you had shoes and a necklace that could pick up on the color of the bag?? and break up the black??
    And a twilly or cadenas to put on it?

    I think you would look great

    Do you have another necklace to compliement the bag, and do away with the pearls