Fashion NYC Chanel Bag

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  1. For the life of me I cannot find these little cross-body bags nor any info on hem... Saw them at fashion week in NYC on models and beginning to think I was imagining things... Any help would be most wonderful!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394946349.124423.jpg
  2. They are on the Chanel website and hitting Chanel boutiques this week. They come in many colors, but who knows what colors US buyers chose. Here is a group shot:

    Someone did a reveal of a black one today in the shopping thread. They have 3 compartments; one is good for your phone, one for cards/cash and one for keys or lipstick. Someone else did a reveal on one this week and that one I think was also black.

    chasing my rainbow!

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  3. I also saw black at NM too!
  4. Did I read somewhere that they are over $1000?
  5. Yeah, I think they're $1450 each!
  6. Oh Thank you!!! I must have been half asleep and never searched under 'cell phone' - duh!! Off to NYC I go tomorrow :smile:
  7. I saw black at NM
  8. Hirshleifer has it. $1450. I think in silver
  9. Yes - I saw black lambskin at Saks as well but not the new SS14 I 'm going on the hunt! I think they just haven't arrived in the US...
  10. Saks Greenwich has the blue and silver :smile: and Hirshleifer's had the blue metallic in I ordered the blue - should arrive Wed or Thursday :smile:.... I shipped because we don't have a Hirshleifer's in CT...
  11. I have seen the black on at Saks nyc!