fashion nots trends

  1. what is some of fashion things your just sick of me im just sick of tight tops & really low jeans :cursing::cursing:
  2. I will NEVER wear skinny jeans and leggings, also all of that metallic stuff is not my taste either.
  3. uggs
  4. i like legging but no skinny jeans for me:yucky::yucky::yucky::yucky:
  5. No skinny jeans or tights.
  6. This is about the third iteration of this question in the past week or two. It appears that this audiance does not prefer:

    Skinny jeans
    Leggings and/or tights
    Babydolls over jeans

    These five usually top this list. As for me, I adore all of these styles. Perhaps these styles will be so trendy that no one but me will be seen wearing them. Wouldn't that be great! :smile:
  7. Forgot to add Uggs, Gauchos(I am really bored of those), and the babydolls over jeans.
  8. pointy toe flats- look like something a witch would wear.
  9. ^^
    haha that made me laugh
  10. Uggs, cheap sunglasses that look like Dior Glossy's, leggings, flip flops, boho skirts... i'll probably think of more later
  11. Havianas: the most popular shoe in Australia.

    Tight, neon, layered singlets on girls who look like a capital 'B' from side on.
  12. leggings

    anything too "Hollywood"

    never liked Uggs but they've been "out" for years....
  13. Actually - i really hate wedges - they look so cheap!
  14. Big sunglasses :yucky:
  15. neon colors