Fashion Must-Haves

  1. Just list out some items you think every girl should have or items you might not like but know every girl has.

    I'll start!

    1. Hermes Scarf (Or any scarf for that matter)
    2. Longchamp Les Pilages Tote Bag (Awesome for travelling. It folds up!)
    3. Uggs (Some people might not like this. But like it or not, it's taking over the world!)
    4. Hermes Birkin (A must have for those who can afford it)
    5. Coach keyrings/keychains (they're so girly and cute! :nuts:)
    6. Tiffany & Co. signature bracelets/necklaces (or any Tiff & Co. jewlery)
    8. Juicy Couture velour sweatsuit (how can something sound so disgusting be so hot?)

    And so on...
    I would really like to see what people add on. I would love to learn more about popular products!
  2. i would add :
    • a pair of skinny jeans (at least)
    • little black dress
    • cute flowy mini dress (can be a saviour for lazy days to pick wardrobe, u can pair 'em with skinny, leggings or wear it bare
    • black flat slouchy boots
    • long oversized cardigan
    • long chain necklace
    • one great designer handbag you love that u can wear all year all season long
  3. pearls (necklace and earrings)
    burberry trench coat
    a great pair of jeans
    black stilettos
    white button down shirt
  4. A peacoat is a basic and classic. Ballet flats, dark denim jeans, and leather jacket. There is an article in the Nov. issue of Bazaar that talks about the classics - old and new. I totally agree with it.
  5. underwear?
  6. I will add cashmere sweaters -- and a diamond solitaire pendant -- both are such classics!
  7. I will add the following:

    - a great black suit
    - black cashmere turtleneck
    - a great pair of sunglasses
  8. Add to that:
    - a simple pair of silver hoop earrings (they go with almost anything--casual or formal)
    - wrap dress (this works for almost any body shape)
    - white tank top
  9. - A good pair of Jeans
    - Black Pumps
    - Black sunglasses
    - button-up collar shirt (black, white)
  10. Ditto on the good pair of jeans (soooo many ppl are wearing the wrong fit)
    A good suit
    A pair of basic black pumps
    White button down shirt (I need one myself if youcan recommend one for the bustier of us, I may have to get one tailored)
    A little black dress
    A fun go out on a moment's notice dress
    A nice bag
    An elegant watch (working on my watch collection too)
    A pair of diamond studs
    Good pair of sunnies

    And not fashion per se but well manicured hands and feet!
  11. Chanel 2.55?
  12. personally I would strike out your whole list and start over. But that's just me.

    Uggs? Juicy Suit? MUST HAVES????????? Not in this lifetime, lol!!
  13. Certainly a couple of cashmere sweaters, black and gray. Some staples shouldn't be skimped on-I would rather save for a great pair of boots (Frye!), a good handbag, good belt, etc. They always say we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time...I'm really trying to buy fewer things of higher quality!
  14. ^what eliza said ;)
  15. same