Fashion Mags

  1. What's your favorite fashion mag?
  2. vogue of course!
  3. Vogue is definitely the best. But I also love In Style for everyday fashion.
  4. I love Instyle. Get it every month.
  5. InStyle for me too!
  6. Allure
  7. Vogue as my first pick, then Bazaar (since I was a kid this has been a strong fave with me), then InStyle. Used to get Cosmo for the fun of it, but about a year or two ago they ran an absolutely ridiculous article that pissed me off, and I decided it wasn't worth purchasing anymore.
  8. Harper's Bazaar and Allure.
  9. Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.
  10. Vogue
  11. Vogue (UK, French & US editions) and Elle (Swedish, UK)
  12. American Vogue and French/Paris Vogue!
  13. Im a big reader of GQ magazine
  14. Vogue
  15. I subscribe to Lucky.. but reading this thread, maybe I should get Vogue too!