Fashion magazines?

  1. I am wondering what is a good and new fashion magazine to try.

    I usually read
    Fashion and sometimes Lucire

    Anyone have any suggesions for others? What is your favorite?
  2. InStyle is one of my favorites.
  3. I really like Glamour and Marie Claire, along with Vogue.
  4. Harper's Baazer is my favorite
  5. I read Vogue and TeenVogue. I read a few others, but only if they catch my attention on the stand.
  6. I like TeenVogue/Vogue and InStyle.
  7. I like InStyle the best.
  8. I subscribe to ALL of them(elle, vogue, teen vogue, in style, shop, lucky, harpers bazaar, cosmo, seventeen, W, etc.) but my favorites are in style and harpers bazaar!
  9. W and WWD accessories (comes out maybe twice a year).
  10. Harper's Baazar is my favorite. I also subscribe to Lucky. I did not renew my subscription to In Style. After awhile the issues seem to all be the same.
  11. I subscribe to W, Vogue, Instyle, Lucky(free gift). W's fashion layouts are quite unique, more esoteric. Vogue's layouts seem more whimsical and lighter to me at times. InStyle is fun for the basics on how to find a good foundation, clothing basics, etc. . .
  12. I read Lucky and InStyle if I'm going to read fashion mags. I like Vogue on occasion, but it's more of a high-concept thing for me, whereas InStyle and Lucky actually feature stuff I can afford!
  13. i'm a fashion magazine whore.


    i like vogue, harper's b., elle (and elle accessories..their bags in their are TDF) the best

    vogue in austrilla and british is good too, best for forecasts but a bit expensive so i buy it occasionally versus subscribe.

    same with JJ, a japanese magazines (if you love purses their magazines are the best!).

    lucky, marie clarie, glamour and teen vogue is when i'm finished with all the above magazines and i still want to buy more.
  14. I think Elle is the best, Vogue second. Jane is also lovely, a bit different.
  15. I'm a cosmo girl, but I read glamour and marie claire on occasions as well.. Don't like vogue - it's too fancy for my taste, but Elle can be nice once in a while as well.