Fashion Magazines and Jimmy Choo

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  1. What fashion magazines do the Choo girls subscribe to? I just love it when I see Choo shoes or a bag in a fashion spread. I get Glamour, Marie Claire and the over 40 mag called More.:girlsigh:
  2. To be honest, I don't subscribe to any fashion magazines. I buy the September issues off the rack, and after that I'll buy some when I'm traveling.
    I usually buy Harpers and Elle.
    I do subscribe to Vanity Fair which has more fashion advertising than Vogue at times.
  3. i love Allure! :love:
    Although it's more on beauty.. it does have some great fashion punch to it.
  4. Allure is Vogue's sister. :smile:
  5. I get Lucky magazine, and occasionally buy Harper's Bazaar.
  6. Vanity Fair for the 15 years at least.
  7. I'm almost psychotic: I get In Style, Lucky, Glamour, and Marie Claire.
  8. like a lot of things in my life, i had a phase where i went overboard and had subscriptions to MOST of the above mags you guys mentioned.:push::sweatdrop:
    now, i have contained this addiction and browse them in the stores, and only read them when taking a plane ride or relaxing on vacation.....;)
    it is fun to see our fav designers in the mags that!
  9. I used to get In stlye as that mag! Don't you love getting your new issues and going directly to the new fashion stuff! I'm over the top as well. What do you do with the old issues? I hate to just toss them.
  10. I loved/love In Style too. I started picking it up when the Chic Simple people did the instant style section. (at least, that's how I remember it)
    It's become my favorite September issue over Vogue, which usually gives me arm cramps lugging it home.
    I take all my old magazines to my husbands dentists office. :biggrin:
  11. I subscribe to Lucky, Marie Claire, Glamour, and was getting In-Style, but it ended last month so I will need to renew real soon.
  12. I got the recent Glamour at Walmart tonight and they had a model wearing Choo shoes. I'm sure there were other references but those shoes reaaaally stuck out to me cause I remembered the pink from Saks site being way cute.
    It was these in white:

    I bought the magazine because I wanted to see what ring Carrie Underwood was wearing on the cover in the hopes that Santa could locate it since it looked like costume jewelry.
    It was a Dior- priced at a reasonable ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.
    Uhm, yeah- Santa WONT be bringing me that cute ring after all. :cursing: lol

    I also subscribe to US, OK, and InStyle.
    I dont even usually have the patience to sit long enough to read them in the winter but they sure come in handy while laying out in the pool in summer. Dont have to worry about water damaging a book since I just toss them when I get finished reading.
  13. Santa might not get the ring, but I hope he finds the perfect bag for you, in the perfect metallic, or blue, or green! :smile: Great list :yes:
  14. Thanks Bella!! lol
    I hope Santa isnt quite as indecisive as I currently am. lol

    Here's a pic of the ring- just had to post it even tho it isnt JC brand- soo cute!
    Dior "Diorette"
  15. Wow, that is adorable! :love: What a perfect spring and summer ring. :girlsigh: