Fashion Junky? Are these your photos??

  1. OMG, that totally looks like her pistachio first auction, geeeeeeeez :hysteric:
  2. The first photo is watermarked 'Bergacci'!!!!
  3. I was just going to say that!
  4. yeah and we all know how "real" Bergacci bags are. Ha.
  5. Oh gosh, and it's not even one of those 'normal' scammers! Perc, I hope you see this in time - those are totally your pistachio photos!
  6. Those are my photos!! :rant::censor:

    Thanks winona for bringing this to my attention...will report this scammer to ebay now.
  7. :censor: its so not fair!!! i totally hate it when ppl do this!!! i hope you're reporting their :censor: , fashion junky
  8. That's SO low. Gosh I hope scammers aren't starting to list these $$$ phony auctions to seem more "real". UGH.

    That's it. I'm gonna play Ebay bbag police for a little while and see how many I can turn in. Watch out you scamming turkeys, you're gonna be :busted
  9. i still cant believe ppl would do that.....that is sooo disgusting....