Fashion in "Bride Wars"

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  1. Hey
    Saw Bride Wars and i loved all the fashion. I am especially interested in 2 items:
    1. Anne Hathaway's initial necklace
    2. Anne's blue bress she wears to work (it has a small print on it too)
  2. I can only answer one of your questions, Anne's initial necklace is made by designer Helen Ficalora. She has 4 stores, but if you can't make it in, then you can order them by calling the number listed on her website, THe necklaces are 14k gold and come in yellow, white or rose gold. The yellow gold is $115 and $125 for the other two colors. These are a great new trend, I love my necklace, have had it for over a year and keep adding on to it! Go to a store though if you can because there is so much more and the stuff is beautiful.
  3. I was also looking for a shirt/top kate hudson was wearing in the movie. it was when she was talking with her fiance. it was a white v-neck shirt attached to a cardigan that was grey. does anyone know....
  4. Talking to him in bed? If so, the cardigan was by Chanel. The top not so sure. Sorry.
  5. I think i know what you mean. It looked like a vest to me. she looked so nice there!
  6. Anyone know where to find the cardigan Anne Hathaway was wearing..I don't remember which part. It was a white cardigan with about 6" of navy cuff with gold buttons on each sleeve and trimmed in navy blue.
  7. Anyone know Kate Hudson's engagement party dress?
  8. ya nordia5 im talking about that vest shirt thing
  9. What about Anne Hathaway's robe?
  10. Does anyone know about the Chanel cardigan that Kate Hudson was wearing in the lying in the bed scene with her fiance? I have been searching everywhere for pictures or anything!! Anyone know the style or where to get it?!
  11. I just saw this movie and enjoyed looking at the fashions and bags also
  12. I loved the purple dress that Kate Hudson was wearing at the end of the movie when she met Ann Hathaway and they both said they were pregnant. Does anyone know the designer or know where I can find a pic???

    Thanks :biggrin:
  13. I like the cardigan, too. Can someone ID it? I also think the dress looks cute. :smile:

  14. ^^ Maybe Juicy Couture?