Fashion House, Anyone?

  1. It started this week on My Network TV (whatever that means- NBC's rerun cousin?) starring Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild- and it's on EVERY NIGHT! The acting for the most part isn't so great, and a lot of the plots seem far-fetched (especially when they try to act like LA is such a huge fashion design capital). I still haven't given up, but I'll probably stop watching soon if it doesn't pick up. Has anyone else seen this?
  2. I want to watch this now that they've shown a trailer with Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild in a slap-happy catfight.
  3. I saw this last night and it was bad. Not even the good kind of bad. Bo Derek was horrible.
  4. I'm watching this right now. This is my first time watching and I wish I saw the first episode.
  5. yes their acting is horibble!!