Fashion help please

  1. My hubby and I are going to spend the weekend in Seattle for our anniversary and one night we’re going to drinks, dinner and a jazz club. What color sandals and clutch would look best with this dress? I was thinking silver or maybe gold, bronze. Also would this work for a day time wedding semi formal?
    I have a cream (silk) pashmina and a black (cashmere) pashmina would one of them work?
    Any opinions on jewelry or dose brown even work for a cocktail dress?
    I have great taste in bags but I’m at a loss when it comes to fashion, jewelry and makeup.
  2. Cute dress! I think gold and bronze sandals/shoes would be really cute since it's such a warm color. And, I would go with the cream pashmina.
  3. I think you should buy a colourful pashmina (yellow, pink or green). The black just won't work with dark brown. And try the gold shoes. :smile:
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