fashion help needed.

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  1. I just got back from Dillards a few hours ago because I had a gift card that needed using up (got it for x-mas). Well, they had a cute Antonio Melani purse that was not to bad and looked pretty cute so I snatched it up. It was only $159 to begin with but getting it for $85.50 was a good deal. Nothing special...but I have a fashion question more than anything. I bought a red one (all they had left was red and a tan color), because I love the color red so much! But I also have a lot of red tops and I do not think this red purse will go too well with most of my wardobe. I don't know if I should return the red purse and get the tan or not. I mean teh tan was pretty but I am afraid it might get dirty really quickly. And the tan looks prettier in person but this is what purse I got...

    And this is what mine looks like...I did not care what I looked like in this picture clothing or makeup wise but I wanted to show off the clash that happens with what I was wearing at the time.

    Should I return this and just get a more versatile color? Or do you think that it won't be that big of a deal? I also heard tan is a more spring/summer color and would hate to switch out my purses just because of the help please! LOL!
  2. Yeah... that red is just not doing it for me. I would probably get the tan instead. That color does look a little flat though, but with that red top you have, it just accentuates its color as a single dimension, flat and no depth. I'd return it.
  3. What do you mean looks flat? :huh: I'm lost but yeah I think I will return it and get the tan color. I wish it came in chocolate though...I would have snatched it up right away. :amuse:
  4. I love that color! I do think that this color is a Fall Winter color though. If you love it in this color keep it and pull it out in fall. If you want something for Spring Summer I would go with the tan.
  5. Ooohhh... is that like a burgundy wine red color? I LOVE IT!!! I love reddddd too!! I say keep it. Tan gets too boring. You can wear red bag with anything, just not green or you'll look like Xmas.
  6. I love the color you got! My paddington is the same color and was SO versatile! Keep it, Keep it, Keep it!:biggrin:
  7. BTW, You look GREAT!:biggrin:
  8. I love the color but I just don't like the white stitching..
  9. I think the bag looks really pretty on you and you look great. If you love it you should keep it!
  10. I like the colour and looks good on you. I just would not match it with a red shirt. But I think it'll go with all other colours. Like star already said you are a very pretty girl!!!!!!
  11. Ditto. It would be a great Fall bag! It's got a burberry vibe to me.
  12. I love red accessories. I'd keep it and just wear a different bag when you wear red clothes!
  13. I had to return it, I noticed it was damaged and all they had was tan. They only had one red one...and that was what was damaged.
  14. bummer
  15. Not really...the brown looks better. Again here is a horrible picture because I was too lazy to look decent. I think I will only take time to look good for social things and my BF. :lol:

    Actually I'll just cut myself out...lalala there. Not as pretty as the red but it really pops out with most my wardrobe.