Fashion faux pax? (did I kill the spelling on this or what)

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  1., a few weeks ago I was at the scarf counter at NM wearing my Tapis Volant scarf in the light blue color-way and the French SA there took one look at me and said, "Oh no, no, NO Madame. You can not wair zes scairf in ze Wintair! You need ZEES wan!" and proceeded to show me the Descoupages in the brown/navy color-way, which, of course, I had to buy.

    Now....I don't know about you but I just throw on any scarf that kinda looks good with whatever I'm wearing and yesterday I wore my new Les Toits de Paris scarf in the cream color-way.

    Have I committed some kind of fashion faux pax? :shrugs:

    Can I get away with a cream scarf in the Winter if I call it "Winter White"????

    And, how am I ever gonna figure it all out before I get to Paris next year?!!?!?!?! :oh:
  2. the blue TV is fine in the winter -- the SA was just trying to make a sale.

    what she didn't know was that with you she could skip the BS and just say "hey lady, wanna buy this scarf?"
  3. Heehee that SA is so bossy (but funny too!) I don't see anything wrong with light blue in's kind of an "icy" color, KWIM? And I think cream (winter white) looks fab too! :yes:

  4. LOL!!!!! :roflmfao: Or just point and grunt! That works too!!!!!
  5. are so funny...:heart: !
    I think all the scarves are perfect all year least you're wearing yours! I have the cream colorway in Les Toits de Paris too and it's a beauty...just need to wear it! The brown/navy sounds yum!! Love that combo!
  6. Nothing wrong with the scarf!! I think the SA was just practicing his French charm of knowing fashion more than any other country! lol

    If i were i would have to buy the scarf too.. i would also tell him "ok show me the winter scarfs" :huh::shame:
  7. No need to apologize...with that French accent I would have bought more than one scarf!:tender:
  8. bah. As long as you weren't wearing head to toe white with the light blue scarf I think you're fine. As long as the scarf went with your outfit, and the rest of your outfit is appropriate for the season, who cares?
  9. I think it depends on the outfit. I pretty much only wear warmer tones in the winter, along with grey and this season a shot of red sometimes. In Paris they tend to wear muted tones in general. I love winter white and I think icy blue is a great way to describe that color but I'd probably only wear it with grey in the winter. I'm sure you looked fabulous.

    FYI its faux pas.
  10. They make their Christmas, and Neige d' Antan scarves in light blue colors, so...
  11. In Florida, anything goes!
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. Shopmom, you didn't actually kill the spelling, but instead of meaning "false step" you said "fake peace".

    .................regardless, nothing wrong with the winter white. Donna Karan is doing a lot of it for her DKNY collection.
  14. I would wear light blue in the Winter! But since I am always in Black, my Winter staple wardrobe goes very well!
  15. And the OTHER thing he said was, "In France ze womans don't match zair scarves wiz zair outfits like ze womans here do. Wiz all zat black you air wairing you should go wiz Lime or Fuschia. Get crazy wiz it!"

    something I have a hard time doing is getting crazy with my scarves.....