Fashion Faux Pas: Proper shoes with LV purse

  1. Hello people! I love this forum and visit this site everyday! I'm a newbie and very excited about receiving my mono speedy 25 and eugenie wallet :yahoo:(early bday prezzie) in a few days time. Yay!!

    I have a question for all you fashion savvy people out there: Do you wear designer shoes when carrying your LV purses (be it for casual or work outfit)? I searched other posts about this question but couldn't find anything.

    Is it wierd to wear non-designer shoes with such fabulous purses? i mean it is afterall a Louis Vuitton :graucho: and I wouldn't want to make a fashion faux pas with my first ever LVoe. TIA!!!
  2. No, not weird. Just wear what you usually wear! :yes:
  3. Exactly I just wear whatever I want to could be Birkinstocks..;) The bag still looks great!!!
  4. ^^ITA, the bag looks FABULOUS with almost anything!
  5. I just wear what I want ... my feet are sensitive so I always have to be comfortable.
  6. i don't own any designer shoes. i would never buy them because they aren't as versatile as bags, IMO, and they wear out a lot faster. plus, most designer shoes, although very pretty, are very uncomfortable (though i love the look, i can't stand wearing heels *at all*). but i'm 5'6", and so is DH, so it works out :biggrin:
  7. i don't wear any designer shoes. in fact, i wear flip flops 98% of the time :smile:
  8. I consider that the designer bag makes the outfit. I love shoes, but they don't have to be designer and I can't wear heels every day. Wear something complimentary and you'll be fine. If you have access to a closet full of Jimmy Choos and Chanel that's fabulous, but don't worry if the Keds and Nike come out too.
  9. As long as the bag and the shoes aren't fighting with one another, I don't worry about it. I mostly wear pretty plain shoes anyway. You can't have everything competing for attention at the same time, better to keep to just a couple of focal points ... for me that's usually my bag and one beautiful piece of jewellery.
  10. i wear thongs hahaha or to americans flip flops, hahaha
  11. I wear anything from slippers to marc jacobs heels, and the best thing is, LV bags go with everything so well! :tup::heart:
  12. Yay!!!! Thanks you guys. I will confidently wear my new purse with all my pretty non-designer shoes :wlae:.
  13. I don't like spending a fortune on shoes, so none of my shoes are designer! I'm personally don't find it weird to pair designer bags with non-designer shoes...I figured most people wouldn't look at my feet, anyway!
  14. I am so fickle with shoes, I just cant buy designer - I lose interest in my shoes so quickly and find replacements so often, I just go with what looks good...otherwise I'd be broke matching shoes to bags!
  15. treat the classic LV monogram like denim jeans. they both go with virtually anything and everything. the only no-no in my books is to wear matching Monogram Canvas shoes. just like one really shouldn't wear denim jeans with a denim jacket.