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  1. I have never watched this show before but the upcoming episode (Fri 8/17 and Fri 8/24) caught my eye. It's on TLC - The Learning Channel

    Fashion Fanatic

    Stacy London helps viewers with fashion trends, do's and dont's for special events that require dressing up and a little fashion.

    Next Episode

    Shoes & Handbags

    Friday at 09:00 pm TLC Fashion maven Stacy London looks at shoes and handbags from Italy and France. Included: Christian Louboutin.
  2. I believe there was only one other episode of this show so far. It was about choosing the perfect wedding dress. This new one sounds much more interesting (probably because I'm already married).
  3. Grrreat show!!! Did anyone see the show this evening?
  4. YES - oooh it's good! I wish it was a weekly show about handbags and shoes. Period. Not about anything else. Just the bag and the shoe...:upsidedown::girlsigh::girlsigh:
  5. Yes I saw the handbag & shoe epiode, Awesome! It showed her right in the factory making a pair of designer shoes,(i forget what designer) It takes 10 days to make 1 pair. THe handbags were to die for! There was a clutch that was so unique. It came in a rainbow of colors and when opened it wrapped around and was basically the shape of the aligator (or croc).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.