Fashion Faceoff: Purple Jeans ‘n Fringe Boots

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  2. Hilary Duff sports purple jeans and brown fringe boots while on her way to her concert earlier this week. The pop teen queen finished off her look with a cream-colored handbag and a poncho-style wrap.
    Rachel Bilson wore the same jeans ‘n boots combo while out grocery shopping with BFF Hayden Christensen back in March. The budding fashionista dressed down in a white semi-sheer tee and Ray-Ban aviators.
    Who wore it best — HILARY DUFF or RACHEL BILSON?
  3. Definitely Rachel. I love Hilary, but this is a trainwreck. If you're going to wear bright purple jeans and weird boots, stick with a simple top and minimal accessories. Rachel makes it look laid back, eccentric, and cute.
  4. err .. that's a toughie! lol -- purple jeans and fringe boots just aren't cute .. on ANYONE! haha .. i'm kinda leaning a little more toward hilary though .. only bc u can see a little LESS of the jeans because of the big "shirt" she has on! :biggrin:
  5. Not a great combo on either IMO, lol...but I'm going to have to go with Rachel on this one, if only because she's wearing it in a more simple, clean way.
  6. umm I think im going to have to give Rachel credit because she wore them first and kept it simple.
  7. I'm not feeling the fringe boots, but I like Rachel Bilson's look slightly better.
  8. As much as I want to say neither, Rachel looks way better.
  9. Rachel - I love fringe boots, but hilary looks like a fashion victim here! Rachel looks like pretty effortless and laidback.
  10. Yuck. Neither. My eyes, my eyes!!
  11. Rachel but that is a big no no!!!!

  12. Oh, Hilary's wearing my Missoni Mantella Wrap! :biggrin: I didn't know anyone famous had one...

    Sorry, back to topic - I quite like the purple jeans and the fringe boots, but I don't think I'd wear them in the way that either of them are wearing them, personally. I marginally prefer Rachel's look, as the colours (of the jeans and boots) are richer; but I wouldn't combine them with white, personally (I think it kills the richness).

    If I was going to wear the jeans and the boots together, I'd probably wear them with a purple top (probably in a shade or two darker than the jeans) and carry a tan, or reddish brown, bag.

    I know this isn't the question, but if I wanted to wear the purple jeans with the wrap, I'd wear them with black boots. Similarly, if I wanted to wear the tan boots with the wrap, I'd wear them with black jeans and a simple, long black top.

    If I was forced to wear the wrap with both purple jeans and fringed boots, I think Rachel's jeans and boots would look better with it than Hilary's do.

    BTW, this is how the wrap looks with black jeans and boots. I, personally, think it would look better if the top worn with it was black, or a darker, warmer, neutral, too (even though there is blush pink in the wrap):

  13. Love the Missoni wrap; Missoni rules!

    However, much as I usually like Hilary Duff's style, that outfit is just not working! Rachel Bilson's only wins because she's not wearing anything heinous on top, not necessarily because she has better style! :smile:

    That's a hard combo to pull off, anyway...maybe it would look good with a flowy dark brown top? Or a purple top, like someone else here mentioned.
  14. Rachel Bilson for sure. I love the purple jeans!