Fashion emergencey... What should I wear to an interveiw at Coach?

  1. I am extremely nervous...
    I have an interveiw at Coach, and I am not sure what to wear. I want to make a good impression, but I do not want to "Over dress". If there are any Coach employees that can help me with my dilemma, or any one else that could give me fashion "do's or don'ts" Please reply...What should I wear?:confused1:
  2. I don't work for Coach but if it were me I'd stick close to the Coach dress code. I'd wear a black suit or black skirt with a white blouse and have conservative hair, makeup and minimal jewelry. Be fashionable and trendy, yet professional and traditional.
  3. Make sure that whatever you end up wearing, that you're comfortable. I would go with black pants and a button up top with a black blazer if you have one. They want to make sure you look neat. Tie your hair back so it doesn't fall in your face (if you have long hair), make sure your nails are clean and not too long, and just look all around presentable!
  4. Thank you!
  5. At my store we request that all interview-ee's show up in Dress Code. Did you get a copy of it when you applied? If not, here's the run down:

    White button up shirt, full sleeved.
    Optional Black sweater, vest, cardigan, suit jacket
    Black or Grey Pants or Skirt (no pinstripes or pattern, no jeanstyle pants)
    Black or Nude hoise if under 80*
    Black dress shoes (nothing over 3 inches)
    Conservative hair style
    Minimal Jewelry
    No visible tattoos/piercings
    Red, Nude or French colored nails.

  6. how exciting! good luck elysse! :smile:
  7. sprinkles has it right on the dot.

    but don't stress too much, if you don't have those in your wardrobe just dress nicely.

    at a flagship store where i had my interview i wore a dark blue blazer over dark jeans and a white collared shirt...or something to that effect. i forget.

    i went in, had the questions thrown at me, did roleplay and got hired the next day.

    =) good luck! let us know how it goes.
  8. I think for every interview I've gone on, I've always worn a black skirt suit, a white button down collared shirt, simple medium heeled pumps with stockings, a little makeup with my hair tied back, and coincidentally, a simple black leather Coach shoulder bag. I've never applied at Coach though.