Fashion East to West and Snarky Comments (your opinions please?)

  1. Alright, so I found this a little amusing.

    I live in Arkansas. I left after college and moved to Florida for a year, where I got to shop at Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc-- and that's where my designer clothing fetish really got its start! I ended up with a great new designer wardrobe while I was down there (half of it from Saks Off 5th and other outlets because I lived by a HUGE outlet mall and we had Michael Kors, BCBG, etc... I stocked up, I'm a bargain shopper LOL!)

    So I move back to Arkansas, right? I realized just how long it takes for styles to get here. I was absolutely floored by how people looked at what I wore.

    So today I walked into work wearing a Diane von Furstenberg skirt (one of my favorite pieces because it's a runway piece I got at a sample sale, it's knee-length with ruffles and floaty :girlsigh:), a BCBG top and Kenneth Cole shoes, and carrying my usual Coach bag. And one of the girls made some snarky comment-- something to the effect of "what is she wearing?!"

    The girl that made the comment recently got .. er... shall we say, surgically enhanced, and since then has been wearing anything she can that will show off her... er, new assets, we'll call 'em. The result? She looks downright trashy most of the time! I wanted to look at her and make a snarky comment, but I restrained myself.

    Today's the first day I've really dared to wear any of my bolder designer pieces to work, and this is why! I feel like an idiot because these backwards rednecks are gawking at me-- but when I left my house I felt FABULOUS! :cry: What should I do, ladies-- relegate myself back to boring business suits or ignore what they say? I take real pride in my appearance and this sucks!

    Isn't it AMAZING how much styles vary from east to west and how long it takes styles to move from the coast inward? It blows my mind!
  2. She's just jealous. Rock your fabulous designer clothes.
  3. she's definitely jealous and a hater!

    keep wearing your clothes
  4. Continue to wear what you want and feel fabulous. Ignore the cattiness and be pleasant. Don't be surprised, though....if you see some of your critics showing up in similar styles in the future!
  5. What do you guys think about how styles travel? Is it just me that notices how long it takes things to get across the US?
  6. she IS just jealous - rock those beautiful duds like only you know how! maybe you can bring some fashion sense to these poor girls!
  7. I live in wisconsin, so YES i def. see how long it takes LOL

    When I travel to the east coast, it's like a whole new world because everything that is there hasn't even come close to being brought where I live. It's so ODD to me!
  8. A lot of it has to do with the availability of shopping where you live. If the only "major department store" in your town is Mervyns, I would imagine one would be a bit needy in the style area.
  9. HAHA it's even worse than that-- Dillard's and Joc Peñet (Read: JC Penney) are the only ones here... not even a MACY'S! The closest Saks is 2+ hours away!

    ...did I mention I'm MISERABLE Here??? LOL!
  10. She probably is jealous as you might be a lot to take in and it's left her unguarded. If you take care w/your appearance...make up, clothes, hair, shoes, etc., then I'm sure there's also an overwhelming sense of class about you as well. And, that can be daunting to someone who's concentrating on which tank to wear to show off the new girls. She probably feels innately, that she still isn't projecting the way you are.

    Take a deep breath of understanding. Be yourself. Wear what you want to wear. But, be kind and graceful and maybe the snarky remarks and turned-up noses will eventually switch to them asking you fashion advice. In fact, I'd compliment them whenever you see a positive choice in the wardrobe...coming from you, that would make them feel very good inside.
  11. I feel your pain. Online shopping has become a daily ritual in my life, along with out of town shopping sprees every month or so.

  12. the sad thing probably doesn't have a sense of real fashion and hasn't been exposed to Saks etc and thinks that exposing her flesh = fashion...

    SO ignore the ignorant clueless fashion girl and wear your chic clothes and what makes you feel good. You know what you feel good in and what works for you, so don't doubt it!!

    Of course if this girl continues to make these snarky comments and it gets bad you should give her a taste of her own medicine.... sometimes when you don't say anything, ppl think they can bully you ....
  13. I felt the same way when i was going to college...left fabulous LA for a suburb, and I got the same looks b/c of what I would wear...but in the end, it didn't matter, b/c i knew i looked hot and they were guy friend told me so :yes:

    Keep rockin' your didn't build up your wardrobe so a bunch of "rednecks" can you look down on you...they are "REDNECKS!!!"
  14. But if you call everyone that doesn't agree with you a name, then you're doing to them exactly what they're doing to you. The difference is their friends are beside them calling her a name and her friends are on an online forum calling them a name.
  15. Think about how you felt when you left your house this morning and hold onto it. You carry on feeling fabulous because when you feel it you look it and that is probably what she has a problem with. Ask yourself why she chose to have a boob job, maybe she has never experienced that feeling of walking out the house knowing you look and feel fab!