Fashion District in Los Angeles---anyone?

  1. Has anyone ever been to Fashion District?

    I've passed by there a while ago but it was a Sunday evening & all the shops closed up early.

    Soooo I finally made my way over there the other day!

    LOTS OF FAKE A$$ Gucci,Fendi, Chanel, and whatever else you can think of bags & accessorries!! Even COACH!!!! NO LV THOUGH! I overheard a customer at one point ask this sales person if they had any LV?? They said " NO LV--its illegal here & if anyone sells it can get arrested."

    The big bummer was that once I got around that area, my Damier Trousse pochette suddenly became a fake. I saw SOOOO many girls carry "designer bags" but it was all :yucky:!!

    The greatest part was that I had yummy dim sum in China town that day...:p
  2. I don't know what the Fashion District is, but a few years ago I was at this area in LA where there were a lot of fashion and accessories at low prices. I did not buy any of the counterfeit items, of course. Lol. The only thing that I bought that day was a plain woven pink straw purse to carry my things around on campus.

    Anyhow, despite all the fun and colorful displays, as well as a large variety of fun products, that place just felt so depressing.

  3. Depressing----lots of people out there hustle selling whatever they have!
  4. I went there once...Santee Alley...and remember seeing tons of fake bags being sold. It was like a Mexican outdoor market, complete with people yelling "pasalo" or something like that, lol.
  5. I've been there before and it is the LA version of Chinatown in NY where all the tourists go to buy knock-offs. LAPD is starting to crack down on pirated goods (mostly DVDs/CDs - this is Hollywood territory after all). Anyways, when I first moved out here, I was stoked to go to the "Fashion District" because I thought it'd be like NY (40/41 streets) but I then realized it was all about "Santee Alley."
  6. I am so happy to hear that I didn't miss anything:blah: after being really dissapointed that nothing was open when I was there for a conference last fall.
  7. I've only been to the fashion district in LA for design-related material (I'm a costume designer for theatre and dance, and I'm originally from LA), and if you're looking for fabric, beads, material, notions, etc., it's the promised land. :lol: Michael Levine used to be my second home.

    As far as RTW stuff, I think you have to know where to go, i.e. the headquarters for the fashion lines, the sample sales, the warehouse sales, etc. When Rachel Pally had her last sample sale in her parent's home in Van Nuys, everything was 80% off and they had lots of great stuff.
  8. Lol! Lots of counterfeited goods, including DVD's. It was surreal...there would be all these people displaying DVDs on the ground, but as soon as there's a whistling sound (to signal that the police is near), they would have everything wrapped up and be out of there in less than 3 seconds.

    I don't mean to sound sheltered (but maybe I am sheltered), but I did not like the environment at all and was more than glad as soon as I returned to Orange County. My chest felt lighter, and the air was just cleaner.

    But I guess that the place would be nice if you're looking for good deals on fabrics and such. I sew, so I did have fun looking at the fabrics there, but the whole place itself was just depressing. I think I saw some people living in buildings that had only 3 walls and no roofs. :sad:

  9. Fashion district is the home of California Mart and the New Mart where all the designers and manufacturers have their headquarters/offices. If you use their sample sales right, you score big time! I just went to Karen Zambos sample sale on Friday and bought so many things at incredible discount! You just have to know where to go. If you come to the SoCal PF get together on March 10th, I'll tell you how and where to shop there. So don't be shy and just show up!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :supacool:

  10. Santee Alley is famous for having a ton of fakes in that strip alone. I haven't been down to fashion district in the longest but I remember I use to walk over during school breaks just to browse for little accessories, etc.

  11. ahh! I have to agree with you on the air thing! When I first moved to CA, I thought LA was going to be all nice and fab, but LA is really dirty!! Orange County is MUCH nicer!!! We're right next to each other :nuts: I'm right off Beach/Edinger area. :p