Fashion Colors and clothes

  1. Ok, I usually buy black or brown bags so they match with everything. Now I have branched out to red, blue, purple, silver and golds. How do I match colors with outfits?

    Does a red bag match with a red top/jacket or pinks?
    Does a silver bag match with brown top or khaki capris?
    Does purple match with everything?
    Is there a color chart?
  2. i wear my red with: black, gray, pinks (it's not a red, red but more a cranberry red... it's the red zoe), navy blue and certain other blues.

    i don't have silver, but personally would not wear it with brown or khaki (if i had gold metallic i would wear that with brown or khaki)

    someone else is going to have to answer about the purple... i don't wear it (or rarely wear it... i think i have one orchid blouse but i wear it with grey pants and black purse)

    i'll be watching this thread to see what everyone says!!!!
  3. I never match my bags. I carry whatever. I know, its appalling probably huh?
  4. I asked about the red myself earlier yesterday. There is a new Red Patch coming to new Outlet floorset next week and i was wondering aloud on a diff thread if you can wear red with any color?

    How about diff hues of blue? Can you wear Red bag with that do you think?How about lime green with Red bag??? Im thinking no,but who knows. Im not overly fashionable with my clothes at all. Bags a diff story.
  5. Does a red bag match with a red top/jacket or pinks?
    you could do this effectively by accenting with red elsewere....maybe nails or jewelry....

    Does a silver bag match with brown top or khaki capris? NO I would say. Khakis are in the warm brown family and silver is a cool family color.....

    Does purple match with everything? Purple is not a neutral. Purple would go with its adjacent colors on the wheel, and its complimentary which is yellow.

    Is there a color chart?

    I would consult a color chart because really, it all depends on the shade of color and the other colors you are wearing with it.

    here is a fun web site:
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    Cherry Red would go well with Royal Blue ....lime green and is reds complimentary so maybe.
  7. here is what technically goes with may want to play with the application to get the red that matches your bag.
    color schemes.jpg

  8. If you don't know your style yet, take your clothes out of the closet and pair them up the way you would normally wear them. Step back and really look at what you have.

    Now take your bags and try them with the outfits, move them around. See what you like and what you don't like. Do you want the bag to pop? Stand out on it's own? Or do you want it to blend in with the colors you are wearing?

    You'll get the hang of it. You'll probably find that sometimes you want different effects so there's nothing more effective than trying out your bags with your own clothing.

    You might also look at some catalogs and magazines for ideas that you like, and this also serves to broaden your fashion IQ, so you'll know what's perfectly acceptable (just about everything IMHO) and what others are doing with color.