Fashion Boutique - great deals!

  1. I've shopped this website a few times...fantastic , great prices and merchandise, and Tanya the owner is wonderful. She also ships free for $100+ orders!

    There are quite a few good deals on there right now...brands sold include Tano, Hype, Cuffz, Charm&Luck, Aaneta, Jewels, Jana Feifer, Tess Loriani, Sherry Wolf, and some others as well as some "inspired by" bags. Thought I'd share the link...these aren't high end bags, but I know some of you ladies are looking for a nice lower price bag.. Click on the clearance tab to check out the deals! Please post if you purchase - would love to see what you get!

    The Fashion - Designer Fashions - Hand Bags | Hype | Christiana