Fashion Boots in the snow?

  1. Does anyone wear fashion type boots (high spike heels, pointy toes) in the snow? Im going to the mountains this weekend and am wondering if I should take mine.

    I really want to but Im just not sure if I should - Please help.
  2. It depends where in the mountains you are going. Aspen, for example, has a heating system built under their sidewalks to defrost the snow so non-snow boots work fine there (I certainly wore heels) but if you are going to have to trudge through actual snow then I wouldn't bother. Also, beware of places that have no snow or ice on the sidewalks but also do not have underground heaters. Salt stains can be really hard, if not impossible, to remove from leather.
  3. I do! just be careful of the dirt and snow, and you should be fine.
  4. If you're going somewhere where you'll have to walk in the snow, I would definitely leave the fashion boots at home & go for something with traction so you don't slip. If you're going somewhere where they shovel the sidewalks (aka most big cities), you'll be fine so long as you keep an eye out for puddles, snow & ice!