Fashion beats computers as top online retail buy

  1. Fashion beats computers as top online retail buy

    Business First of Louisville - August 31, 2007

    For the first time, clothing has beat out computers as the top consumer goods sold online.
    Apparel, accessories and footwear accounted for $18.3 billion in Internet sales, according to a study conducted by Forrester Research Inc. on behalf of, the National Retail Federation's network for online retailers.
    "Apparel retailers have overcome a number of hurdles to encourage shoppers to buy clothing and accessories online," executive director Scott Silverman said in a news release. "Retailers are doing such a great job online that in some cases it's easier to find and buy clothing on the Web than it is in a store."
    Computer hardware and software accounted for $17.2 billion, followed by automobiles and auto parts at $16.7 billion.
  2. Cool- I'm not that surprised, though, cause I loooove to shop online! :p
  3. ^^ITA:biggrin: I contribute to that.