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    I just bought a Chanel medium flap I borrowed the photo from online (a seller on ebay). I was told that the bag is a "fashion bag" :wondering OK, so it's not like a classic flap bag....

    So how you Chanel lovers feel about these "Fashion Bags" and do you think they will still be wearable five years down the road? Do they seem too trendy? The more I look at some of the classics the more I think the boy bag is definitely the new modern bag of Chanel. I haven't found a single thing not to like about Chanel. I love the cosmetics. :love: I like this bag (below) because it's different but it still is a Chanel... :cool: I was so excited when I bought my first "designer piece" at 18 y/o and got a coach wrist wallet and wore it everywhere. This is a big deal to me because I didn't have expensive shoes, clothes and bags when I was growing up and I earned this from working hard.

    I am deathly allergic to furs, so I will never be able to wear a fur. :faint: (seriously I almost went to the ER after trying one on)

    Thank you for all the comments. :smile:

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  2. Personally I would rather save up for a classic if it's my first chanel bag. The "fashion bag" is nice for a second or later bag, but it seems more trendy and I'm not sure I would be using it ten years down the line. So if it's my first and only Chanel, I'd prefer a classic!
  3. I guess I'm the opposite of many. I bought my first classic flap (M/L lambskin) and then bought mostly fun seasonal bags. They are still "in fashion" as I didn't buy anything too out there, but I have really enjoyed my collection of quirky and fun bags. The only hard part was then having Chanel more than double the prices, so when I went back to classics, it cost me dearly. I wish I'd bought more of them back when I got my first classic. Back then, the seasonal bags were even more than the price of the classics. So buy what you love and will enjoy, not what any "rules" or anyone else says.
  4. Not everyone is a "Classic Flap girl". I'm not. I think most Chanels are classic enough, but what YOU like.
  5. +1 agreed :smile:

  6. Buy what you love and forget everyone else
  7. A Chanel is a Chanel...period...

    yes, there are classics and seasonal bags...both are beautiful IMO........ seasonal bags are usually not duplicated after that season, so you will have a bag that is not very common...:smile:
  8. I agreed with Swanky. I was looking into getting a Chanel and had the same dilemma. I keep liking the seasonal bag, but keep thinking that I really should get a Classic bag for the first Chanel because of the price increases. I thought, "When I like it in 10 years, I won't be able to afford it, I really should get a classic." Then the SA said one thing, "Why would you think that you will like the classic later? Get what you like now." It snapped me out of it, I really am not a classic flap girl right now. When I do get my Chanel, it will be whatever I like, regardless classic or seasonal.
  9. Thank you:biggrin: you know I wonder with some of these posters if they are actual employees of Chanel and various designers posting as well.
  10. Get what you love! These cost too much $$$ for us not to get what we want for fear of getting what we "should" get.

  11. +1 to all of these. I have always bought what I liked, no matter if it was something others might think was odd or quirky or what have you. I don't work for Chanel (wish I did!), but I seem to find myself in both the classic and non-classic categories (just wish I'd bought more classics when I was paying high prices for seasonals--I did buy some along with the seasonal bags but not enough so got caught having to pay 3 times the price for some). I also don't like the big huge CC's on anything, from jewelry to clothing, bags to shoes. I like Chanel but don't like the big logos (so I like my logos small or removable).

    There really isn't one "type" of Chanel person, only the type that YOU are. Again, buy what YOU love, not what others say or think or whatever.
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    Thank you this was incredibly insightful. I have a wide variety of bags and have no brand loyalty.

    LV alma epi cyan
    LV speedy damier
    Red Valentino pink bow bag
    Miss Dior in beige
    Prada wallet from Paris that my parents got me
    Kate spade gold speedy style bag
    And countless coach bags 5 at least, sadly I think my wristlet was borrowed and never returned. But I got my coach stuff from the outlet.

    Not to forget my Longchamp everyday bag.

    The Chanel was 3k the LV $1600, at least the LV price keeps going up so I could re sell.
  13. So many great replies here, yes a Chanel is a Chanel, as long as you love the style and will use it, you can use it whenever you want, even 10 years down the road.
  14. :confused1: What would they gain by that?
  15. Well there is no disclaimer on some profiles and I wonder from some of the other forums if they make posts also.