Fashion Backpack

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  1. I want to buy one, any suggestions?
  2. Do you have a price range/size you're looking for? Is it for school or travel?
  3. mid size, not too small and not too big. around 300. I really want a Prada one but there're so many fakes out there. It's just for every day use, I have two kids but don't want to walk around with a regular mommy bag...
  4. You could go for Longchamp if you want the Prada nylon look. And for the rucksack style, I know Fossil has a couple of really cute ones.
  5. thanks a lot, I've been looking at prada but don't want to spend 700 and afraid to buy it on sile because of the fakes...
  6. Prada, Alexander Wang, Marc by Marc Jacobs
  7. You will be seeing a lot of backpacks on the market very soon at all price points. The market was full of them if you can wait another month or two!
  8. Thanks, maybe I will wait then
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