fashion advisor in chanel. what do they do?

  1. i'm sorry if i post this in the wrong thread but the chanel is opening here soon and they have vacant in fashion advisor and boutique manager. i'm contemplating in fashion advisor :p

    i think i wanna try to apply, but i have no experience except that i worked as a stylist.
  2. maybe it's a fancy name for a SA? I think you need a minimum of 3 years in retail.
  3. Ask! (CHANEL, that is)! Good luck! Have a great resume, dress to the nines, be friendly, super polite & have at it!

    Good luck!
  4. I think its a fancy SA who gets to follow rich people around and tell them what to wear hahaha? I dont know but it sounds like a good position!!!!
  5. It just sounds like a glorified name for "sales associate" to me.
  6. Wowwww that will be an awesome job!!! just impress your interviewee with your in depth knowledge about chanel goods!!
  7. i think i wanna try to apply, but i have no experience except that i worked as a stylist.[/quote]

    GO FOR IT!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    l'm sending lots and lots of good vibes your way!
  8. thank u :shame:
    the reason i would take this job is only hoping to get an employee disc LOL
  9. LOL - i'd go for it if i was you. dress up and don't forget to take a chanel handbag (if you have any) and just try your ebst that is all you can do

    GOOD LUCK :smile:
  10. Go for it - dress up and dont forget to take a chanel handbag (that is if you have any). just be yourself.

    GOOD LUCK :smile:

    P.S. i think we would all apply mainly for the staff discount!
  11. I'd be thinking the commission must be okay. I believe benefits such as retirement are good, as well. There would also be the ability to move into corporate Chanel in NY, if one is open to relocating.
  12. thanks girls, i'll ask my house mate to make my CV LOL
    believe it or not, i never formally applied for a job before in my life.
    all this time, i'm freelancing and it's more to mouth to mouth promotion instead of formal application LOL
  13. That's a very good reason in my book! :roflmfao:
    Good luck with it, keep us posted!

    And don't forget to wear your Chanel watch when you're invited ;)