Fashion advice Puleeze!!

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  1. Wearing a red dress with black accessories - what do I wear on my legs? Aren't pantyhose over? I am in South Florida so it's warm but bare legs (I don't think so. This is a Bar Mitzvah luncheon - I just don't have a clue here. help wanted!! Thanks!
  2. Semi-Sheer Midnight Tights or or you wanna pop out, find some Lace Tights.
  3. I agree for something so formal like a Bar Mitzvah I would wear tights too. If you want to wear a good nude pair I highly recommend Wolford Logic 15, they come in various shades so you can choose the one closest to your skin tone. Plus they don't have a regular waistband, they are very soft, invisible!
  4. i would go with a super sheer black stocking, since your accessories are black (^(oo)^)
  5. Black thights would be perfect. And I also really like the idea of black lace thights!
  6. Black back seam pantyhose would be nice
  7. I think i'd go with nude fishnets personally- I think traditional nylons look meh.

    or black tights (not totally opaque.)- this is what I did last time I wore a red dress with black accessories (nye) and I would have preferred the nude fishnets, but I couldn't find my pair at the time, and I thought it looked fine.
  8. Thank you all so much - I just didn't get it.
  9. don't wear fishnets or a weird pattern! go with plain lace or really sheer black tights.
  10. Definitely do not wear regular pantyhose. I love the idea of the back seam black pantyhose or lace tights.
  11. I personally would go bare legged - but I am a rebel :rochard:
  12. ^lol
  13. I see nothing wrong with going bare legged to be honest if its weather appropriate. (I am orthodox and only wear skirts). Just hate seeing pants in shul!!!
  14. Thats a good thread thanks for sharing your views its really helpful.
  15. It may help determine the "vibe" of the outfit and the various options you could have if you posted pics of the dress....