Fashion Advice Please: What shoes to wear with Beige GST?

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  1. Hi Ladies, You've alll been so helpful to me. I need your advice. I have a new beige GST for the summer and I know that we no longer match our shoes to our bags so what would look best with this bag? :shrugs: I have a pair of chocolate brown Tory Burch ballet flats with the gold logo that look very cute but what else can I try? Obviously gold but any other ideas? What about black? Has anyone tried it? Also, what color tops work best? Would it be okay to wear a black or navy silk blouse with such a light colored bag? :confused1: Thanks so much!
  2. A Beige colored shoes too!
  3. I don't think you can make a shoe faux pas haha, because the bag is a beautiful, classic neutral! :smile: Brown works, black can work, gold is pretty, red is gorgeous for a pop of color, etc. I would base the shoes on the outfit, and I'm sure the bag will tie it all together and you will look fabulous (like in the picture I recall you posted wearing your cerf)! :smile:
  4. i love the idea of navy shoes. I think nowadays you can do whatever you want. I pretty much live in my rainbow flip flops, chanel or no chanel.
  5. You can do any color as long its not like metallic green haha, I think red flats could be nice
  6. Thanks so much ladies! :smile: Fiery, you are too kind! I love the idea of red. Great thinking. Also, the flip flops idea. I wondered what I'd do on the days I wear those. I guess that I'll still carry my GST. Yet another reason why I love tPF!
  7. I think pretty much anything will work, unless your shoes are very white patent with silver or something like that........but even if you did that, no one will notice because they will be staring at your gorgeous bag! You don't want to be too matchy-matchy....
  8. Beige, tan, dark-white, and red would look great!
  9. Beige is such a neutral that I think it goes with just about any shoe color. I'm looking at a beige bag for summer also and realize that I wear brown, beige or white sandles, slides, keds and other summery shoes but in those 2 shades. Maybe black slides if I'm doing black, white and hot pink (but I would still not carry a black purse as I think it's too "hot and heavy" for summer).

    Love the beige GST. I'm eyeing that one.:yes:
  10. I think any shoe will work- as far as the dark clothes, I think It looks especially good
  11. Thanks so much for posting the photo. The beige does look great with the black and I love your shoes with it- a nice touch to lighten up the look for warm weather. It is always helpful to see your bags on other people. Funny how they look different to me. Thanks!:smile:
  12. I think dark clothes look good with light bags to even it out and to make your bag really stand out!! I don't want my beautiful Chanel to blend in. Also, I wouldn't wear beige shoes. Black or red would be great! I wore my white east/west with an all black outfit (grayish jeans) and red shoes. My bag definitely stood out!