Fashion Advice needed

  1. Hi fashionistas...

    Need your fashion/color coordination advice.

    I bought the Passage de Tokyo scarf in white/dark pink colorway. Thinking to wear an open neck white shirt with the scarf knotted around my neck and jeans/ankle boots for a nice brunch/lunch with a friend tomorrow. Which bag should I match with my outfit?

    a) Fuschia birkin/hac

    b) Cyclamen kelly

    c) Rose dragee kelly
  2. D. Any of the above.
  3. need to know the color of the shoes and jeans.
  4. can you show us a pic of your scarf?
  5. sorry...dark blue jeans and black calfskin boots
  6. I am thinking 'c'
  7. with dark jeans and black boots, i'm thinking either of the stronger colors. but my top choice would be B. the color and size... yep.
  8. arch - I want to have your problem. btw, A for me. rose dragee may have jean color transfer. cyclamen may be a little off.
  9. Hi Patz...

    Thanks for the reminder about color transfer... totally forgot about that!!!!!
  10. Color transfer? Does that happen a lot?
  11. I know this isn't on topic, but I must say that your HAC is TDF. Wow, wow, wow!
  12. without seeing the pink in the scarf. I am thinking b...

    a. might be too bright
    c. is too light and jean color transfer
  13. I say take the Birkin. It will look fabulous!
  14. A Nice strong statement piece....will balance the black boots and dark jeans.