Fashion Advice Needed...Can I bring a Cerf bag to a nice dinner?

  1. Hi all...
    I am still deciding whether to buy a Cerf bag or the Grand Shopper tote....I am trying to figure out which bag I can get more use out of it. Then I've read on other threads that the leather comes out of the gold chain. Help!
    Please Advice!!!

    Thank you!!!:tup:
  2. Both bags are great. You cant go wrong w/ either. I've never heard of anyone's leather coming out of their chains but it has happened w/ some flaps. I have a pst and the leather is still going strong.

    The Cerf is a great everyday bag as well although it's a bit more professional looking. A lot of people here use it for work. It's a little more serious looking than the GST but I think you can bring both to a nice dinner. Depending on what kind of dinner, you might want to look a purchasing a timeless clutch as well. Just an option.
  3. Thank you soooooooooo much alouette for your advice. I'm new to the Chanel line. Which bag is the PST? Thank you!!!:tup:
  4. That's the PST (smaller version of the GST). This one is the White Caviar with silver hardware. They also come in many other colors such as black, pink, beige, with either silver or gold hardware. Hope this helps.
  5. Bring Cerf to a nice dinner? No, I won't.
  6. The small Cerf: yes :yes:, the large Cerf: no :nogood:
  7. Don't take this the wrong way... but I wouldn't bring either to a nice dinner. The GST and the Cerf is both too large to be appropriate at night. However, I LOVE the Cerf tote, so I would throw my vote to that one.
  8. I agree, a smaller bag is always more appropriate for a nice evening out.
  9. I would bring my Cerf to a nice dinner at a friend or relatives home and probably to a classy restaurant but not to a formal affair where a clutch or smaller bag may be more appropriate.
  10. yes if the cerf size is small
  11. Oh yeh..I failed to mention that the dinners I go to is just like a regular restaurant...nothing fancy.
    Thank you.
  12. I agree with roey. The cerf might be a bit out of place if everyone else is carrying smaller, more dressy bags.

    I have the cerf, and while I do consider it a serious looking bag, I'd have no probleem taking this bag to dinner with friends, but I would not carry it to a wedding or other dressy affair. To me it's more of a casual yet serious bag. I love it.
  13. Hi DD101

    Thank you for your advice. Do you by chance have the GST bag too?
    If yes, is the GST bag less more serious right?
  14. Hi Kianat,

    I don't own the GST, but have seen them many times IRL, almost bought one too :p. I do feel the GST is LESS serious looking than the cerf. Something about the cerf just screams serious to me, not sure why :smile:. I have used my cerf many times, mostly for shopping, and I love it to death, I'd buy it again, but it just looks serious to me :yes:.
  15. Hi DD101...

    Yep...I just love the 2 bags...but my hubby say I can only buy 1...and I can't decide which one. When I look at the Cerf bag too...I think of like business like...but at the same can use it to go shopping. Whereas the GST...I want it..because of the Gold chain and the CC is like right there.
    Thank you!