Fashion Advice for shoes

  1. Hey ladies, so I have a ? regarding a certain style of shoe to wear with an outfit...i hope this is the right place to post it?

    I'm just curious as to what sort of black shoes to wear with a casual/dinner-type black dress.

    My legs aren't skinny or long, and I just want to choose the most flattering type.

    Wedges? ankle straps? Sling-backs? I have NO IDEA what will look best.

    ANY and ALL advice is appreciated!
  2. If your legs are not particularly long or thin, you will want to avoid ankle straps or shoes that come high on the foot. The idea is to create as long an uninterrupted line of leg as possible before the shoe. Black shoes or whatever color you like as an accent are fine, but try to avoid styles with straps that come higher on the foot or around the ankle. Nude pumps are VERY elongating on the leg, but not everyone is comfortable with that look.

    Additionally, if your ankles aren't as thin as you wish they might be, it is best to avoid French heels - the ones that taper in under the heel. Straighter heels and wedges make the curve of your ankle appear greater and so create the optical illusion of thinner and curvier legs. If your ankles are competing with a very thin, curved heel, they can look thick in comparison.