Fashinon in history

  1. If you could have the clothes from your favorite moment in history, what would you choose?

    I love the 40s / 50s glamour. I love the idea that the studio supplied the wardrobe. (That way, you KNOW you’re not going to wind up in a ‘what was she thinking?’ page.

    I’ve seen movies like Evita, and I’m in LOVE with what she wore in the movie.

    I’ve seen the Christian Dior Barbie. (She was wearing a replica of a 1947 fashion doll.)

    I’ve also seen the Fabulous Forties Barbie, and I love what she’s wearing.
  2. I love 1940s Argentina glamour right now.... Ports 1961 spring 2007 collection....
  3. The 1920s/30s are my favorite. I also like the movie-star glamour of the 40s.
  4. I like the post-depression 30s-1947 and also the early pre-psychedelic 60s. For the late 30s-early 40s, what I like is that they seep in glamour, but in a totally different way than the New Look era (1947-1964). I like a lot of the darker shades that were popular then (ex tomato red, forest green, deep purple, and of course black). The New Look era seems so constructed and like it has to be just so, otherwise it's a disaster (plus, I hate pastels). And why I like the early 60s is because it was so much more minimalistic than the 50s, but still incredibly glamourous (think Jackie Kennedy). Probably 3/4 of my wardrobe is from those eras.
  5. I like the 1950's and early 1960's. I think form-fitting, waisted dresses and nice sleeves with binding and piping trim were nice touches.

    Plus, I like skinny pants with side zippers and ankle slits, along the lines of Laura Petrie on Dick Van Dyke.
  6. 1940s. I was meant to live in peplum suits and I love the coiffed hair of that era also. I think of the movie Pearl Harbor and the costumes...wow.
  7. But I think I'm going to go mod, 1960s London....

    Considering major image overhaul ... a broken heart does that.
  8. 60's/70's.... lloooovvveeee them
  9. Buying Biba this season?

    I'm definitely checking that out!
  10. Visually, I love the best fashion from all eras; including pre-20th century. :biggrin: I really couldn't pick a favourite.

    I tend to like a fashion era pick 'n' mix when it comes to accessories, but I generally wear more late '60s, '70s and '80s inspired clothing, because it's more wearable and comfortable than most of the previous eras (with the possible exceptions of the 18th Century and Greco/Roman styles).

    I don't like to suffer for my art!

    Of course, with fashion being so cyclical, it can sometimes be quite tricky to date many fashion era inspirations on the modern day catwalk. For example, is it '40s inspired? Or inspired by a '70s, or '80s, take on the 1940s?! :s :lol: