Fascination with Britt Tote

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  1. Hi Girls,
    I am new to this forum and so glad that I found you! Happy to be here. I go through collecting different designer purse moods, as I am sure you all do..For now it is Gucci. I know I can hear the collective sigh...I can't help it but I picked up a pre-owned great condition canvas G monogram (another sigh) tote that is so great to carry and feels so good, that I couldn't help myself so I bought the black in addition to the brown. Waiting for it to arrive. What a great bag from Gucci!! The perfect size, weight, stylish with one corner with leather and a gold G. Striped Gucci classic colors lining. The inside of this bag always looks perfect due to the camouflage of the stripes. It also has a magnetic snap closure. Great. The classic brown was on sale a few weeks ago on the Gucci site but is now gone. I am new to handbag collecting, I guess. This is my first Gucci. How does Gucci maintain value as compared to other's, mainly LV? Any opinions on this bag? Medium tote Britt. Thank you so much!! Have a great day!
  2. Well you seem to have found your perfect bag so I'm pleased for you.

    BTW the Britt was named after Britt Ekland who like Jackie O' was a regular Gucci customer. The original design of your bag was from 1970s when Gucci fever was at its height.

    Value wise:

    With Gucci it very much depends on the bag.

    A popular bag (like the Sukey right now) still commands good prices but only if it remains fashionable.

    The 'Classics' (see Gucci site) keep their prices because they don't tend to go on sale.

    The high end seasonal bags (of which there are less of) are more of a gamble. They can date pretty quickly or somehow just look extra gorgeous years later.

    The Babushka studded boston and tote are examples of how in hindsight a bag becomes more appealing, last year the press was not kind to the collection but now you see quite high rates of exchange because IRL they are amazing studded 'works of art'.

    I hope this helps.

    I like LV too - and other brands but deep down I think my heart belongs to Gucci;)
  3. On ebay - In my opinion from my purchasing history is that LV tend to maintain their value better than Gucci. LV's on ebay sell for close to retail sometimes where as Gucci is about a little more than half unless they are the popular ones (well at least on the bags I look at)

    Welcome to the great world of Gucci!!I love Gucci!!:biggrin:
  4. Thank you so much!! It is truly a pleasure to speak with other's with such impressive knowledge regarding a designer. I had my first job at Macy's and back then in the early 80's they sold what are now the smaller classic bags (forgive my lack of correct model names). Everyday I worked in the bag dept. I just was in awe of their bags but I could never afford one at the time. Well, time was kind and here I am a proud mother of 2. I know they are not at the top of their price range, but I am happy just to be carrying one. Thank you again!
  5. Sounds like you deserve one! ;)