Fascinating documentary: Oswald's Ghost

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    Lee Harvey Oswald in his backyard, holding a rifle and a copy of The Militant in 1963. NARA / President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection

    The assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963 left a psychic wound on America that is with us still today. Few Americans then or now accept that a lone, inconsequential gunman could bring down a president and alter history. In that breach, a culture of conspiracy has arisen that points to sinister forces at work in the shadows. Drawing upon rarely seen archival footage and interviews with key participants, Oswald's Ghost takes a fresh look at Kennedy's assassination, the public's reaction to the tragedy, and the government investigations that instead of calming fears lead to a widespread loss of trust in the institutions that govern our society.


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    It should be available soon to view online.
  2. Forgot to add: the footage of Lee Harvey Oswald after his arrest is really fascinating to watch. I had not seen it in it's entirety before I watched this program- only clips.
  3. Roo, count me as one of the few who thinks he acted alone.

    Fascinating, I'll have to find the show and watch it when it comes on.

    Thanks for the heads up~!
  4. ^^^^

    Hate to disagree Speedy, I don't think he acted alone.
  5. I am not sure if I think Oswald was smart enough to pull it off on his own.
    It should be an interesting watch!
  6. Very interesting. There is a strange story about that picture of Oswald, but can't remember what it is now. (Menopause is my friend!)
    Was almost 7 when Kennedy was killed but remember it like it was yesterday. I felt something had changed, I had never seen my parents so upset. Years later when I could put feeling to words, I felt that we had lost our innocence.
  7. The documentary is really interesting because it does go into the various "theories" but really focuses more on how it affected the public as a whole, psychologically. I also think it gives a really interesting view of Oswald's thought process. They also discuss the fact that Oswald was regarded as this sort of dumb, misguided guy. One hypothesis is that that Oswald knew he was not destined for anything great, had a miserable life and wanted to do something historically important.
  8. ^^^ kind of like the guy who shot John Lennon. Or the other guy who tried to shoot Reagan. Losers trying to make a name for themselves. (menopause is my friend, too, LOL! I can't remember their names. Chapman? and ???)