Fascinante - Review and Mod pics

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  1. Received my black fascinante today and am trying to decide between this and my - less than 1 month old - empriente speedy 25 in infini. I love the speedy dearly but with the strap extension on, it tends to pull my hair. The fascinante is perfect because it has no buckles, but it doesn't fit as much. Here are some mod pics and then I will go over what I keep inside and how I arranged my items to make it work.

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  2. I typically carry a zippy wallet, a mini pochette, a pack of kleenex, and small mirror, cell phone, picket agenda, valet key, chap stick, lip gloss, pen, and keys. They all fit, but they were pretty packed in there. Still able to close the purse but took a little bit.

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  3. Unfortunately it made the back of the purse look like this which is where I had planned to store my cell phone and keys.

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  4. So I found that putting anything in the compartment that is closest to your body when wearing the bag, would tend to cause the bag to do this. My mini pochette has my migraine medicine, some eye drops, bandaids and feminine products, its my self made emergency pack! I put my medicine in the zippered compartment of the bag, along with the kleenex, small mirror, spare key, and lip stuff. Even though that zip pocket seems small it fit all those things just fine. But I had to leave out some of the other things that were originally in my mini pochette. Now my bag closes and doesn't buckle at the back. I am able to put my cell phone in no problem now. My flat pocket agenda is in the front pocket.

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  5. For those of you that are interested, the buckles are attached with a turn lock system and then the loop slides off. Very easy, yet, very secure.

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  6. I LOOOOOVE the buckle. It is so beautiful. Very easy to use in my opinion. And in case you were wondering here is my black fascinante next to my infini speedy. Now I just have to figure out which one to choose.

    Any suggestions?
    Speedy - fits everything I want but pulls my hair with strap extension
    Fascinante - Love everything about it, but can't fit all the things I want to carry

    Any advice is welcome!!!

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  7. they are both so beautiful i think u should keep them..
  8. Congrats yet again! My honest opinion; I like the speedy a bit more on you. I think over time you would get frustrated that the fascinate doesn't hold all your stuff properly (or maybe get a smaller wallet?). I'd also be weary about the front plate of the fascinate being scratched up and plating loss which might not look as good eventually. Just my two cents. Good luck choosing, both look great on you!! :biggrin:
  9. Oh I wish I could!!! I feel as though I should only keep one though :shrugs:
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    Congrats on your new bag, you look great with it!


    As to which bag to keep, I think the picture of the bag bulging at the back says it all, it is not big enough for your daily handbag essentials! I have the same bag and I find it just big enough for my stuff and I carry very little.
  11. It looks pretty on you, congrats!
  12. I don't think I would keep a bag that didn't fit all my stuff.
  13. Truly, they are both beautiful bags! I think that the speedy is more of an everyday bag not only because it holds more but also because of the style. which style do you need more?

    Does the speedy only pull your hair when you wear it cross body? I really like this bag on the shoulder or hand held. I don't wear my speedy cross body.... Good luck with your decision!!
  14. Which bag would fill the void of your collection? It sounds like each bag has a small con but which one has the most pros?

    Sorry, hope that was helpful!
  15. Both bags are stunning, but if you are only going to keep one then, I would pick the Speedy. It is versatile and holds more. Good luck deciding:smile: